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It's easy to get so involved in window treatment decisions that you forget to purchase some drapery products and hardware entirely. Sonoma County Shade Company offers a variety of drapery products in Santa Rosa, including hardware, sliding panels, upholstery, and bedspreads, and our skilled team can provide recommendations while you're choosing draperies that appeal to your tastes and preferences.

If you know exactly what you need to accomplish the look you want for your Santa Rosa home's interior, then simply let our window specialists know what you need, and Sonoma County Shade Company will provide it.

Drapery Hardware

A window drapery company like Sonoma County Shade Company will ensure that you have all of the drapery hardware you need to install your new draperies. Whether you require a curtain rod or an elbow bracket, our window treatment specialists have you covered.

Curtain rods, rings, and finials are common types of drapery hardware. Rods are mounted above windows, and draperies are attached to them with rings. Finials are decorative end pieces that adorn curtain rods. There is such a wide variety of drapery hardware that you may find it difficult to choose a finish and color for your rods, rings, and finials, but Sonoma County Shade Company can make sure that you make a good selection.

Other drapery hardware that you may need include center supports, elbow brackets, and track systems. Center supports are attached to curtain rods to sustain the weight of your draperies, and elbow brackets are designed to fit draperies in an angled corner of a wall. You can add a track system to your curtains if you want easy and smooth operation without the need for rings.

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Sliding Panels

Buying draperies with sliding panels may not be something that you consider when purchasing new curtains, but many Santa Rosa homeowners enjoy this additional window covering feature. Sliding panels are especially suitable for glass doors and large windows. An unconventional use for sliding panel window treatments is to utilize them as room dividers or closet doors, so if this idea appeals to you, reach out to Sonoma County Shade Company to make your interest known.

When designing your sliding panel window treatments, you'll be able to select their color and style as well as the stack placement, which determines if your panel tracks close to the side, to both sides, or down the center. Most homeowners prefer sliding panel draperies because they offer effortless operation. Like other window treatments, sliding panel draperies provide sophisticated style, light and heat control, and privacy.


The most important decision you can make regarding new upholstery may be the fabric and materials you choose to swathe your furnishings, and key factors to consider include maintenance, durability, thread count, and resistance to fading. When working with Sonoma County Shade Company, you can choose from a range of materials, such as leather, linen, cotton, wool, and vinyl.

You can also choose to design upholstery with synthetic fabrics, such as acrylic and acetate. Acrylic was initially developed to imitate wool, and high-quality acrylic fabrics tend to resist regular wear and tear, pilling, soiling, fading, and wrinkling. Acetate resembles silk, and although it can resist pilling, shrinking, and mildew growth, it shouldn't be placed on furniture that will be used frequently because it is prone to wrinkling.

Experiment with color when selecting materials for your upholstery. If you require assistance with color selection, Sonoma County Shade Company can provide professional expertise to aid your decision making. Current interior design trends include upholstery that includes colors such as teal, navy blue, blush, and sage.


Santa Rosa homeowners don't make decisions regarding their bedding lightly because beds are such vital items in everyday life. Factors to consider when purchasing new bedding include the thread count, pattern, colors, materials, and texture. The type of bedspread you choose depends on your personal preferences, so don't let yourself walk away with a bedspread that doesn't completely thrill you.

Popular bedspread styles include bedding inspired by tropical motifs, such as palm trees and leaf prints, and earthy hues such as green, blue, and brown. You'll also be able to find bedspreads with decorative fringe, velvet, faux fur, and tassels. Neutral and pastel hues are timeless colors, so consider bedspreads that incorporate white, tan, gray, blush, or powder blue.

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If you're looking for draperies for your Santa Rosa home, please call Sonoma County Shade Company at 707-596-3011 or complete our online request form.