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Many Santa Rosa homeowners enjoy opening their windows to let in crisp air and cool breezes, but you may be allowing more than the fresh scent of the outdoors into your home when you open your windows. Insects and other pests view open windows as invitations to take shelter indoors, but Sonoma County Shade Company offers various types of roller screens, a solution to this problem.

Roller screens allow you to enjoy the outdoors from within your home while offering protection from unwanted guests. Additionally, roller screens provide a barrier to the outdoors for pets and small children so that you can open your windows without worrying about a child or pet using an open window as an escape route.

Interior Solar Screens (Fixed)

Sonoma County Shade Company is a Santa Rosa window blind company that also offers interior solar screens. Solar screens are an effective way to limit the amount of sunlight that enters your home through windows. You can counteract bothersome glares on the screens of your electronics and rising energy costs during warm months by installing interior solar screens on the windows in your Santa Rosa home.

Fixed interior window screens are intended to remain on your windows permanently. These screens are typically made of polyester, and they tend to be darker in color than other window screens. Some homeowners install interior solar screens because of their ability to block UV rays, which can harm your skin and fade upholstery. People also enjoy the added privacy that a dark window screen provides.

Interior solar screens are great add-on features to your windows, especially if your windows are old or are a cheaper, less-efficient model. Adding solar screens to your windows will reduce the amount of heat transfer and help regulate the temperature within your home. Solar screens are also popular with Santa Rosa homeowners because they're one of the most affordable window treatment options.

If you're considering a solar window screen purchase, opt for fixed screens if you don't want to deal with removing them annually during the cooler months of the year when you want to allow extra sunlight and heat into your home.

Exterior Solar Screens

If you aren't intrigued by the thought of interior solar screens, consider exterior solar roller screens instead. Sonoma County Shade Company offers exterior solar screens that have the same benefits as interior solar screens. By installing solar roller screens, you can move the screens when you want to increase the amount of light and heat entering your home.

Exterior solar screens can shade the inside of your Santa Rosa home better that interior solar screens, and window treatment experts recommend placing them in locations that receive a lot of sunlight. Exterior solar screens work best on east- or west-facing windows. Homeowners often place them on south-facing windows to combat the effects of direct sunlight, but they're less effective in these locations because the light is so intense.

Solar screens can be placed on the outside of windows as well as on patio, porch, and French doors. You can purchase exterior solar screens from a window treatment company like Sonoma County Shade Company and choose from a wide color selection. Proper installation is important because your exterior solar screens could become damaged or blow off of windows during extreme weather with strong winds.

Roller Screens

Roller screens are versatile window screen options that provide shade, privacy, and light control only when you want them to. Otherwise, they can be rolled out of sight. If fixed window screens seem like too much of a commitment, Sonoma County Shade Company can help you design roller screens that will fit your windows perfectly.

Roller screens provide Santa Rosa homeowners with increased energy efficiency and protection from UV rays when in use, but they also provide the option to view the outdoors without a screen obstructing your view.

If you have room in your budget, investing in roller screens instead of fixed screens ensures that you have versatility, but the decision to choose fixed or roller screens depends on your preference. Additionally, roller screens consist of various moving parts that may result in higher maintenance costs than fixed window screens will.

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If you're looking for rollers screens from a window treatment company in the Santa Rosa area, please call Sonoma County Shade Company at 707-596-3011 or complete our online request form.