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Polycore Shutters for Your Santa Rosa Area Home

Sonoma polycore shutters

If you think that shutters are available in wood materials only, then you surely haven't heard of polycore shutters, which are offered by Sonoma County Shade Company, a reputable Santa Rosa shutter company. Polycore shutters are made of synthetic materials, and they have an aluminum core that contributes to their sturdiness. Like wood plantation shutters, polycore shutters have insulating properties that improve the energy efficiency of homes. To determine if polycore shutters are a good choice for your Santa Rosa home, consult with our team of window treatment experts at Sonoma County Shade Company.

What Makes Polycore Shutters Unique?

Polycore shutters are beloved by window treatment experts and Santa Rosa homeowners alike because of their durability, modern appearance, and easy maintenance. Their strength is largely due to their aluminum core, and they're expected to resist fire and moisture. Additionally, polycore shutters have long-lasting finishes and are not prone to warping, splitting, discoloring, chipping, or cracking.

Purchase polycore shutters from an experienced window treatment company like Sonoma County Shade Company if you desire shutters that are easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped down with water and a gentle cleaning solution. Another benefit of these shutters is their affordable price tag compared to wood plantation shutters, so if you're on a tight budget, choosing polycore shutters can help you stick to it.

Are Polycore Shutters Right for Your Santa Rosa Home?

Although the advantages of polycore shutters are numerous, you may choose to purchase shutters made of a different material instead. For example, polycore shutters weigh more than wood, so if you want lightweight shutters that don't put pressure on the hinges and frames, wood plantation shutters may be a better choice.

Another key consideration is the number of color selections that homeowners can choose from when purchasing polycore shutters. If you want shutters in a neutral tone, polycore shutters are available in those shades, but the colors of polycore shutters are not as customizable as the colors of wood plantation shutters.

If you're looking for a professional window shutters company in the Santa Rosa area, please call Sonoma County Shade Company at 707-596-3011 or complete our online request form.